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Rules Of the Forum! Empty Rules Of the Forum!

Post  MockingJay on Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:57 pm

Rules of This Forum!

Rule 1.
No Porn, Racial Slurs or "Homophobia"

Any of these will result in a permanent. No questions asked. There are few exceptions for this rule.

Rule 2.
Try to respect others.

If you feel like you must insult someone, keep it in conflicts.

Rule 3.
No shoot downs.

If someone draw something, or makes a video, or just makes something, never say "That sucks." If you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

Rule 4.
Admin's say is final.

Admin has the last say in any situation. (Unless you do not agree about a game, or anything related to that.)

Rule 5.
No avoiding swear filter.


Looks nice and neat now Smile ~JayJay
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